Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great Carnival of Education this week

Want to read the best of the edu-blog world but don't have time to wade through the masses of postings?

Then check out this week's Carnival of Education, hosted this week by the most-excellent Education Wonks. They do the work, so you don't have to! Lots of good reading, including:

  • Like the idea of school uniforms? (I do!) Whatever your opinion, you'll wonder about the two New Jersey kids who protested their school's uniform policy by wearing buttons that linked the policy to "Hitler Youth." (from Rhymes with Right)
  • Bemoaning the lack of penmanship instruction in today's schools, Ken DeRosa of D-Ed Reckoning takes a funny look at one of the more ridiculous programs to teach handwriting. Hide your puppets and play-dough.
  • What's the message to students when a principal squashes the last bastion of public recognition for academic achievement in high school (the honor roll list printed in the local newspaper)? Joanne Jacobs looks at the situation at one Massachusetts school -- and gets some really interesting comments in return.
There's lots more good stuff on the Carnival midway. Have a look and enjoy!


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