Saturday, April 08, 2006

JIS Topics welcomes newest blogger!

Things are a-changin' at JIS Topics. Today we add Catherine Quoyeser to the roster. Hooray!

A member of the JIS community for nearly two years, Catherine brings bucket-loads of insights and experience to the discussion. I know she's too modest to want me to wax poetic on how fantastic she is, but suffice it to say that she's so smart it makes my brain hurt just to think about it. Hopefully she'll let you know a little about her work and education on her profile (I'll give you a preview: "former professor at Northwestern University" -- cool!).

So welcome, Catherine!

And if anyone else out there yearns to be heard (The Sitemeter indicates that someone from Sweden's prison system checked in by accident -- if that's not reach, I don't know what is!), please let me know. You're invited to join the JIS Topics team!


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