Monday, April 03, 2006

Let's try something new!

Hello friends!

Hope everyone had a great break and has returned to life-as-usual with renewed vim and vigor. Strange as this may sound, I actually missed not having internet access. Yikes, I've become a blog addict!

But in the interest of shaking things up a little (and trying to learn something new), I'd like to introduce the first JIS Topics POLL. This has no scientific value whatsoever, but hopefully it will be interesting. So here goes nothing.... (and if this fails monumentally, I apologize in advance).

Last week, this blog discussed the academic pressure facing students today. My assumption was that pressure -- and the cheating that pressure can spawn -- probably wasn't a big problem at JIS. Well, I quickly felt the folly of my hubris..... Maybe students do feel crushing pressure, but I'm just not plugged into the student psyche. Heaven knows, it wouldn't be the first time -- just ask my daughter! So, here's the poll:

How much academic pressure does your oldest child feel at JIS?
Pressure? What pressure?
Just the right amount of pressure to keep him/her motivated.
Lots of pressure, but it's good for him/her.
Where's the release valve? He's/she's gonna blow!
Yoga classes and a zen rock garden at JIS wouldn't hurt....
I honestly have no idea.
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If this works, I'll be really surprised. But also pleased. In the meantime, I'd better get back to reading my HTML tutorial!


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